Westone W40 Quad Driver Earphones


  • Breathtaking sound from Quad Driver design
  • 4 balanced armature drivers with 3 way crossover
  • iPhone cable with mic and 3 button Apple control
  • Interchangeable black / red / blue faceplates
  • Luxury personal fit-kit of foam and silicone tips
  • 2 Year Warranty

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The Quad-Driver Westone W40 earphone will take your listening experience to an entirely new level. Four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity and realism.

The W40 earphones feature interchangeable blue / red / black faceplates and the MFI G2 cable with 3-Button Apple Control System + Mic for use with iPhones.

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 18KHz
  • Sensitivity: 118 dB SPL @ 1mW
  • Impedance: 31 ohms @ 1 KHz
  • Standard 50″ (128cm) cable also included
  • Rugged monitor vault for safe storage & transport

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