Westone TRUE-FIT Foam Eartips. Pack of 10


  • Professional comfort and sound-isolation
  • Premium foam eartips. 10 pack
  • 5 conveniently colour coded sizes
  • Plush foam for easy insertion and maximum seal
  • Fits all Westone & Shure earphones (not E2 / SCL2 or SE102)


Westone True-Fit Premium Ear Foams offer a higher level of quality for users of earphone tips. True-Fit foams give professional comfort and sound-isolation. The smooth eartip surface is wipeable for longer product life. Plush medium recovery foam ensures easy insertion and maximum seal. 5 sizes are available, colour coded for convenience:

ORANGE: large – diameter 15mm / length 15.5mm

RED: medium / long – diameter 12.6mm / length 15.4mm

BLACK: medium / short – diameter 12.6mm / length 11mm

BLUE: slim / long – diameter 11mm / length 14.9mm

GREEN: slim / short – diameter 11mm / length 11mm

Additional information


Green (slim/short), Blue (slim/long), Black (medium/short), Red (medium/long), Orange (large), 5 Size Pack

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