Ultimate Ears UE Premier Custom Ear Monitor


  • First Shipments 15th May
  • Freq Response 5-40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 15 Ohms
  • 21 Drivers with 5 way crossover
  • 4 x Sub/Low, 8 x Low/Mid, 4 x Mid, 1 x High, 4 x Super High
  • Custom UE-Premier monitors require ear impressions


For over 25 years, have made it their mission to provide musicians and music lovers with the most innovative in-ear monitors in the industry. Building upon the success of the groundbreaking UE Live, UE wanted to push themselves further. Thei team of expert engineers embarked on a mission to take our technology further than ever before.

After relentless experimentation and non-stop development, They are pleased to introduce UE PREMIER, their most advanced IEM ever. Loaded with a groundbreaking 21 drivers, UE PREMIER is our most powerful, nuanced and versatile in-ear monitors. Whether you’re performing live on stage, recording in the studio, or listening to your favorite music in audiophile sound quality, UE PREMIER sets a new gold standard for exceptional sound quality.

The UE Premier comes with the now standard Super Bax Cable with IPX socket available as 50″ and 64″ lengths in bothe Clear and Black

The UE Ambient option uses an inbuilt filter to reduce isolation and help the artist stay in touch with the “feel” onstage. The supplied plug can be fitted to revert to the fully sealed mix of the Pro version.

    • Five-way crossover and 21 precisely curated and tuned drivers bring even the most intricate details of your music into focus
    • Proprietary True Tone drivers and Knowles Super Tweeter extend frequency range to 40kHz, adding warmth, richness and airiness to your music experience
    • Dual mid-low diaphragm speakers two dual sub-low speakers widen the frequency spectrum down to 5Hz for frequencies you can feel
    • Excellent acoustic isolation rejects noise in any environment
    • Custom, personalized fit stays secure and comfortable
    • Waterproof connection system and SuperBAX cable provide lasting durability

Additional information

Ambient Option

Standard, With Ambient Option

Art Option

Translucent or Opaque Colour, Speciality Finish or Seasonal Art

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