Ultimate Ears Sound Guard


  • Automatic protection from sudden sound spikes
  • Hearing protection from feedback & mic drops
  • Impedance matching maximises earphone quality
  • Unity Gain through this device
  • Premium, short 3.5mm link cable included
  • Belt clip and spare batteries included
  • 20 hours use from 2 x CR2450 batteries

Available on backorder


This super-portable piece of kit connects in-line with any sound source and UE Pro Earphones (Custom IEMs or UE900s). It provides automated sound level management to protect from unanticipated high levels of sound such as dropped mics, feedback and set-up errors.

Sound Guard also enables greater sound fidelity by functioning as an audio buffer. Sound Guard provides electrical impedance matching from the source device to the connected UE Pro Earphones, resulting in enhanced dynamic range as well as improved sound quality.

  • Ideal for all live performance situations
  • Frequency Response: 20hz – 20Khz
  • Unity Gain through this device
  • 3.5mm input & output connectors
  • Premium, short 3.5mm link cable included


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