Shure PSM900 in ear system without earpieces


  • Industry-standard wireless in-ear system
  • Audio Reference Companding for accuracy & clarity
  • 36 Mhz bandwidth. Includes UK Channel 38
  • MixMode allows mixing of two mono inputs
  • Wireless sync of receiver from transmitter
  • Receiver has variable onboard limiter

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Product Description

The Shure PSM900 in ear monitoring system sets a new standard. Exceptional RF performance, outstanding audio quality from the ultra-thin, all metal P9RA bodypack receiver, patent pending features such as CueMode and a wide tuning bandwidth that covers UK Channel 38.

CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button while the digital stereo encoder provides excellent separation and audio clarity. MixMode allows mixing of two mono inputs or sending a separate mix to an extra pack.

  • Precision front-end RF filtering
  • Intuitive LCD transmitter menu
  • Audio frequency response: 35hz > 15Khz
  • 8 hours receiver usage from 2 x 1.5v AA batteries
  • Rack mount kit included


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