Shure BLX24R / SM58 hand held system


  • The legendary sound of the SM58 – wireless!
  • Projects the vocals through a loud band mix
  • True diversity rack receiver for range & reliability
  • Up to 12 channels simultaneous use
  • 24 Mhz bandwidth includes UK Channel 38
  • One-touch QuickScan finds the best frequency
  • XLR and 1/4″ jack audio outputs
  • 14 hours transmitter usage from 2 x AA batteries

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The SM58 is an industry-standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction while minimising background noise. It’s the ideal choice for professional vocal applications in any live performance setting.

The BLX4R rack mount receiver provides improved linearity and frequency response with group / channel scan for easy set-up. It also features detachable antennae to facilitate use with antenna splitters in multi-receiver racks.

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