Sennheiser AM2 antenna front-mount kit


  • Sennheiser front mount antenna kit
  • Mounts G2/G3 antennae at front of rack
  • For radio mic receivers & IEM transmitters
  • Use only with GA2/GA3 rack kit
  • Improves reception and range
  • Easy to install


In stock


Front mount antenna kit for connecting the antennas of Sennheiser Evolution G2/G3 EM100 / EM300 / EM500 receivers or SR300 IEM transmitters to the front of the rack. Use when mounting one receiver or transmitter in the GA2/GA3 rack mount kit.

Solves the problem which occurs when rack mounting radio mic receivers or in ear monitor transmitters with rear mounted antenna. The problem being that the antennas end up buried inside the rack and not in free air contact as recommended.

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