Sennheiser AB3 masthead amplifier


  • 42 Mhz bandwidth. GB Range is 606 – 642 MHz.
  • 6 other ranges available – must match systems
  • Powered via the ASA1 active antenna splitter
  • Boosts RF signal – makes up for cable losses
  • Use 2 x AB3 for a diversity antenna system

Product Description

RF signal amplifier for use with A1031U or A2003 remote antenna. Use in conjunction with the A1031 omnidirectional antenna (or the A2003 directional antenna) and ASA1 antenna splitter to distribute RF signal to a radio mic receiver rack

Use 2 x AB-3 masthead amps with 2 x A1031 antenna (or 2 x A2003) and the ASA1 antenna splitter to make a professional diversity antenna system for multiple radio mics. Gives 10 db of gain when situated immediately before the A1031 / A2003 antenna in the signal chain.

Additional Information

Frequency Range

“GB” 606 – 648 Mhz, “A” 516 – 558 Mhz, “B” 626 – 668 Mhz, “C” 734 – 776 MHz, “D” 780 – 822 Mhz, “E” 823 – 865 Mhz, “G” 566 – 608 Mhz


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