Sennheiser A1031U remote omnidirectional antenna


  • Use with radio mics or in-ear systems
  • Wideband (470 – 960 Mhz) omni remote antenna
  • BNC connector
  • Designed to mount on microphone stand
  • Mic stand fitting included
  • Use 2 x A1031 for a diversity antenna system

In stock (can be backordered)


Efficient omnidirectional plate antenna for use in multiple radio mic or in-ear applications. Use with the AB3 masthead amplifier and ASA1 antenna splitter to distribute RF signal to a radio mic receiver rack

Use 2 x A1031 antenna with 2 x AB-3 masthead amps and the ASA1 antenna splitter to make a professional diversity antenna system for multiple radio mics.

Use one A1031 antenna in conjunction with the AC3 in-ear antenna combiner for multiple in ear systems.

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