Replacement Filters for ACS Pro custom earplugs


  • Interchangeable filters for ACS Pro custom earplugs
  • Pro-10 for the most delicate attenuation
  • Pro-15 for acoustic and orchestral shows
  • Pro-17 for amplified music shows
  • Pro-20 for motorsport and industrial noise
  • Pro-26 for extremely loud music shows
  • These filters will not fit Pro 27 custom moulds


The ACS Pro Series range of hearing protectors feature interchangeable filters, allowing you to purchase extra pairs to gain different levels of protection. The filters are embedded in custom ear moulds for a natural sounding earplug with a perfect fit. Filters are also available singly

Pro series plugs and filters are not just for musicians. Many other professionals who must be able to hear clearly to do their jobs properly can find great relief via these natural sound ear filters.

Please note that the Pro 27 custom earplugs and filters are not interchangeable with the rest of the ACS Pro range

Additional information

Attenuation Level

-10dB, -15dB, -17dB, -20dB, -26dB

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