Jodi-Vac Consumer Vacuum


  • Jodi-Vac Consumer¬† Vacuum Cleaner consists of vacuum which is 18 inches of Mercury.
  • Unit operates on 12VDC and power Supply is desktop style of 120/240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Filter is replaceable, non-serviceable
  • Wax collects in replaceable filter
  • Ball located behind filter is an air flow indicator
  • Attached tubing is coiled and may be extended to approximately 1 metre reach

Available on backorder


The Jodi-Vac Consumer is a compact, portable and affordable IEM cleaning solution, it is the ideal device for maintaining your IEM’s on a daily basis, it effectively cleans cerumen and debris from the canal tubing using a variety of needle adapters that couple with the suction filter.

The Consumer comes with a 1 year warranty (Needles and Filters are not included) the filter is replaceable but non serviceable, the filter should get 6 months service on a single user basis.