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Etymotic ER20 ETY Plugs


  • Professional quality noise suppression plugs
  • White Tip = Large. Blue/Frost Tip = Standard fit
  • Security¬†cord and squeeze pouch included
  • Hearing protection without muffling
  • Music and voices remain clear
  • Secure and comfortable fit

Product Description

Etymotic Research ER20 earplugs are designed to shelter the user from the risk of damaged hearing. This is a gradual and irreversible process which can be avoided by using hearing protection in high-noise environments. The smaller fitting is designed for the smaller ear canals of women and children.

Ideal for concert & festival goers, motorsport events, musicians, DJ’s, venue staff, motorcyclists and aircraft crew. The ER20 uses a tuned resonator in a patented damping network which delivers reduced sound levels without muffling – music and voices remain clear.

  • Flat response 20db attenuation
  • Ideal for concert & festival goers
  • Widely used by musicians and venue staff
  • Handy squeeze-open pouch

Additional Information


Large Fit, Standard Fit


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