Audio Technica MT838-CW omnidirectional lapel mic


  • Omni pick-up pattern for open, natural sound
  • Good sound quality with high speech intelligibility
  • Use only with Audio Technica¬† transmitters
  • Easy attachment on clothing
  • Clothing clip included
  • Comes complete with tie-clip and windscreen

Available on backorder


The Audio Technica MT838 is a miniature lavalier mic, ideal for both speech and theatrical productions or any application where discreet miking is required, for use with Audio Technica body pack transmitters

The omnidirectional pick-up pattern gives a warm, open, natural sound and the microphone can easily be concealed around clothing or even in the hair or wig for theatrical productions. The 6ft (1.8 m) cable is terminated with the HRS 4-pin locking connector for use with Audio Technica body-pack transmitters.

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