Alpine MusicSafe Pro Attenuating Earplugs

£24.99 £22.99

  • First choice for musicians and sound engineers
  • Three sets of filters for different attenuation levels
  • Adapts to the shape of the auditory duct
  • No pressure on or in the ear
  • Comfortable fit
  • Handy key-ring carry case
  • Spare earplug included


Alpine MusicSafe earplugs are designed to shelter musicians and sound engineers from the risk of damaged hearing. The Pro pack contains three ear plugs (one spare), three different inter-changeable filter sets and a handy insertion tube.

Fits discreetly in the ear canal for protection without the feeling of isolation. The white filters offer low protection, the silver filters medium protection, while the gold filters offer the highest level of attenuation.

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Silver, White

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