ACS Revivo2 Portable Earphone Dryer & Sanitiser


  • Removes harmful moisture from earphones
  • Photo catalytic reactions sterilise and sanitise
  • Simple one-touch operation and setting
  • 2 x dry desiccant capsule included
  • Lithium-ion battery gives up to 10 days use
  • Convenient micro USB charging – cable included
  • User Instructions

In stock (can be backordered)


ACS Revivo2 is a portable rechargeable electronic device designed to remove the harmful moisture and bacteria that can penetrate into earphones and in-ear headphones.

The special high-speed fan circulates air inside the Revivo2 to capture moisture via the replaceable silica gel desiccant sachet. Titanium dioxide and UV reactions generate hydroxyl radicals and negative oxygen ions to both sterilise and sanitise the devices.

Program cycles can be set anywhere from 3 to 30 hours to ensure moisture and hygiene issues become a thing of the past.

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