ACS Live! Inline Ambient IEM Processor


  • Controlled introduction of ambient sound into mix
  • Use in conjunction with ACS Live! ear monitors
  • Live! pack “piggy-backs” with wireless IEM receiver
  • Full stereo image with 3D spatiality
  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processor
  • Automatic Level Control (of ambient mics)

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This innovative device can be linked to any In-Ear body pack and allows for the controlled introduction of ambient sound to the mix, when used in conjunction with ACS LIve! custom ear monitors. The Live! monitors have integral microphones whose levels are controlled by this pack.

ACS have selected the best omnidirectional microphones available. They have a response curve which matches the natural hearing response of the ear and thanks to the positioning of the microphones they give a very natural sounding ambient experience with full 3D spatiality.

  • PAD feature for additional protection
  • High contrast LED backlit display
  • Solid aluminium housing with strong belt clip
  • 30 hours battery life from 2 x AA batteries

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