ACS Evolve Triple Driver Custom Ear Monitors


  • Medical grade soft silicone for maximum isolation
  • 3 precision balanced armature drivers
  • Live! option includes integrated ambient mic
  • Live! option requires ACS Live! Ambient Processer
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Detachable, Resilient 1.5m Stereo Cable
  • ACS Revivo active earphone case included
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Custom Evolve monitors require ear impressions


The ACS Evolve Custom has a soft silicone earphone body for ultimate comfort and the highest levels of sound isolation, offering superb, solid low-end from the large bass driver alongside mid-range and treble drivers so clear and rich that you can pick out every nuance of your music.

IRISIntelligent Resonance in Silicone is a patent pending technology we have created to maximise the potential of miniature balanced armature speakers. IRIS construction methods allow for very precise acoustic tuning to deliver our unique ACS sound signature. IRIS brings an added dimension to music in a way that mimics the warm, lush and open sound that valve amplifiers provide.

SSISound Stage Imaging is a tuning technique achieved by using our own purpose designed manifold technology. Implemented into our custom and universal in-earphones, SSI positions the audio into a wider array than other earphones, bringing a superbly defined and very detailed response to further enhance your listening experience, positioning all the instruments as if you were sitting in front of the stage.

The Live! version has a pair of built-in, wideband, natural response microphones! Interfacing the ACS Ambient Live! Pack between a wireless belt pack or mixer, your Live! in-ear monitors will allow you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the mix. This gives you the ability to control the outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experienced by wearing good sealing in-ear monitors. The full 3D effect of the ambient signal perfectly mimics your natural hearing

The Evolve is manufactured from soft medical grade silicone giving you a fit like no other earpiece. ACS use the softest material in the industry to give you unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments with a consistent seal at all times. This allows you to keep the volume down and protect your hearing over the long term.

  • 3 precision balanced armature drivers
  • Improved Integrated 3-way crossover
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Impedance: 48 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 119.9dB@ 1Khz
  • Detachable ACS 1.5m Stereo Cable



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