Custom In-Ears . . . . . The Lowdown

Professional musicians have been reaping the benefits of using custom in ear monitors since the early 1990s. The importance of better shows and shorter, happier soundchecks can’t be under-estimated. But neither can the precious hearing protection, absence of feedback, accurate vocal pitching and freedom of movement onstage – all facilitated by the use of Custom IEMs.

Hand Held Audio are the only in-ear company with the depth of experience that comes of being there from the start – delivering the finest quality custom earpieces with impeccable customer service for over 25 years.


The process of having Custom IEMs made is sometimes seen as complicated – in fact it’s very simple. Ear impressions are required – something we can easily organise for you by appointment, either at an approved audiologist or at a venue of your choice.

Apart from high-quality ear impressions (which may now be taken by a digital ear scanner) the most important element in the process is to choose the best Custom IEM for your purpose. This is where our experience really counts – our sound engineering expertise is unmatched by any other in ear company.


From your initial enquiry, through impression taking, model selection & custom artwork (if required) to delivery and fitting, we are dedicated to providing a professional service that smooths your way to owning a superb set of custom moulded in-ear monitors.

As a start point we offer a demo appointment at which you can try demo models of all the major brands, get our advice on model selection and have your ear impressions taken if you wish.