If you’re thinking of getting yourself a set of custom-moulded in ear monitors then take a look at the advice below – the tips are based on our long experience, both of monitor engineering and of supplying these products.

(1) Do talk to existing Custom In-Ear users if you can – their experience will give you valuable insight as you research the various IEM brands.

(2) Think about the sound-stage you are looking for; What kind of mix will you need? Consider the isolation effect and whether you might need an ambient option . . .

(3) Ear impressions are required to make custom in-ear monitors. Are you prepared to travel to an audiologist or in-ear company for impressions to be taken? Or would you prefer an audiologist to visit you?

(4) Consider your budget. In-Ear Monitors are not cheap but do you necessarily need 8 drivers per earpiece? Depending on what you intend to use your Custom IEMs for, less can be more . . .

(5) Do talk to Hand Held Audio – they are staffed by experienced sound engineers who have been supplying Custom Ears for a lot longer than any other IEM company.